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Although company leaders face unique challenges, successful brands will always thrive with a clear strategy, a motivated team and, most importantly, a connection with the consumer. As a team-orientated account director and strategist by trade, and a lifelong creative by spirit, I ensure that a brand’s messaging is a rich story worth telling through brand propositioning, growth-minded strategy, and collaborative teamwork

My professional journey has led me down different paths, with each adding new values and skills to my arsenal. I have experienced the fast-paced working style and creative synergy of agency life, and I have developed a deep understanding of B2C, B2B, and B2B2C marketing. With a rich professional history, compounded by a keen eye for design and thirst to connect with global stakeholders as well as creative team members, I can leverage my unique blend of creativity and business savvy to serve my clients and fellow team members. I have advised and directed the global strategies for various accounts, including Slim-Fast, ConAgra Foods, Chili's, Cisco, Deloitte, and Hinman Dental.

Currently, I am looking to continue developing my expertise in holistic marketing. My goal is to marry my passion for storytelling and futuristic thinking with my strengths in strategy and team leadership in order to use both the left and right sides of my brain (and have a little fun with my team members in the process!). 


When I’m not working, I enjoy sewing, embroidery, and making costumes.

"Susan has a heart for creative and a brain for business. That gives her the rare power to perfectly translate the client's needs into focused information that leads creative teams in the right direction."

--Seth Perisho, Executive Creative Director Dell Blue

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